Campaign Topics in English

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Equality in education
  • Every child should have access to high quality early childhood education in a small group setting.
  • Let’s maintain the subjective right to day care and current group sizes.
  • Let’s stop bouncing adults from group to group and hire enough permanent employees.
  • 20 hours of free early childhood education for all children.
  • We must stop the growth of regional inequality in schools and in day care.
  • Facilities must be renovated. The indoor air issues must be tackled.
  • The individual needs of children must be taken into account in school and day care.
  • Class sizes must be reduced.
  • Everyone should have the opportunity to pursue secondary education. Let’s create equal opportunities for higher education. Cooperation between the city and the university must be strengthened.

Good social and health care services
  • Access to high quality social and health services must be available without delay.
  • The Government’s social and health care reform threatens to fragment the services. This issue must be tackled and counties must work toward making the necessary changes.
  • The well-being of the employees must be enhanced and their salaries must be fair.
  • Service users and employees must have an opportunity to be heard and to influence change.
  • The status of social services within both the city and the social and health care reform must be strengthened.

A home for all. Housing costs must be reduced.
  • The building of moderately priced rental flats must be increased. The city must tackle rent increases throughout the city.
  • In the future, housing must be available for all and sheltered homes for those in need.
  • Indoor air problems must be tackled in advance.
  • The size of saunas and reserved parking places in new housing should be reduced and the number of flats increased.

Environmental protection and human rights as parts of every day life
  • Environmental protection and human rights must be taken into account in all of the city’s activities.
  • The city must take a stand against racism and discrimination and take personnel’s differing backgrounds into account.
  • The use of coal must be given up quicker and the use of renewable energy sources must be supported. Let’s stop climate change!
  • Vegetarian food must be favored more in the city’s food services. Wastage of food must be reduced.
  • Let’s support walking, cycling and public transport!

A more fun Helsinki
  • More opportunities for urban culture. More street art and neighborhood festivals!
  • Culture services must be introduced into social and health services. The special value of art must be recognized. We must invest widely in art not just in services.
  • Creators of new forms of art must be supported and they must be paid.

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